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Today, it is very easy to sign up on Internet sites (dating sites, social networks…). But how can you unsubscribe? How can you permanently delete an account? How can you suppress the automatic withdrawals? How can you stop receiving email from commercial websites? These are questions SoS Internet can solve!

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Sos-Internet.com is the first service which provides support to unsubscribe from Internet websites.

Sos-Internet.com is a service provided by the French company: Auxilium SARL. This company was launched in October 2012 by Camille Berteau. She is accompanied by several Internet support specialists from each country where Sos-Internet.com is developping.

The Sos-Internet support is under the expertise of Laura and Patrick, our customer support managers.

Sos-Internet is commited to producing quality services that are efficient and discreet.


  • Dyssmont
    on 28 June 2017 Reply

    I don’t understand what Ido next all I want is to unsubscribe and cancelled my future payments to woohoodate.com

  • Toby Marson
    on 26 November 2015 Reply

    I wish you un subscribe my account asap

  • doug haag
    on 15 January 2015 Reply

    Affairalert is a scam .can u help me get out of it?

    • john
      on 21 January 2015

      Hi Doug,
      Yes we can, you just have to pick the service you want and we’ll do the rest!

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