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Cancel my Zoosk’ subscription: where is the cancel link?

on 21 October 2014 Online scams and Tags: , , , , , , with 13 comments

Since last July, in Sos Internet we have have noticed an increase in the number of demands from clients who wanted to be unsbuscribed from Zoosk. And the reason was always the same: the “Cancel membership” link has disappeared!   Many users have claimed that the Zoosk client support never answered them (only by automatic […]

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Abusive withdrawals : how to cancel automatic renewals from websites subscriptions?

on 24 September 2014 Withdrawals with 4 comments

Dating websites, slimming products websites, clairvoyance websites, pornographic websites, bidding websites… Which is, in your opinion, the common element between these websites? Automatic withdrawals: paid subscriptions that are automatically renewed.   How I did find myself subscribed in these sites? By subscribing a test offer at very low price in a short period By entering my bank […]

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Leave us a message !

on 10 September 2014 Dating websites with 10 comments

Sos Internet has already helped more than 1000 users since 2012! Many of you contacted us, after our job was done, to express themselves about our work, our exchanges with the members of our teams. It helped us to improve ourselves and to give you always more satisfaction! We thank you all for this From […]

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Report a scam online dating site

on 2 December 2013 Online scams with 47 comments

You believe that you have been a victim of a malicious dating site. You want to expose a scam, a fraudulent or suspect dating site ? We give you the opportunity to leave an alert concerning the dating site in the article comments. What kind of troubles can you meet on these Internet sites : […]

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Unsubscribe from a dating website

on 25 September 2013 Dating websites with 0 comments

How can you unsubscribe from a dating website ? How can you suppress the automatic withdrawals ? How can you suppress a paid subscription ? How can you permanently delete an account ? How can you prevent mail from other members of a site you encountered ? Unfortunately ; there is no unique response : […]

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Introducing Sos-Internet !

on 25 September 2013 Uncategorized with 0 comments

Welcome to! Sos-Internet was created after observing that : It is more complicated to quit a Website than to join it. Thus, you can very easily create a profile on the social networks, an account on the dating websites… You also can very easily subscribe to paid trial offers or subscribe to Premium accounts. […]

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