Naughty websites: how to unsubscribe?

You are registered on a date naughty website and you want to:

  • Safely unsubscribe from naughty website
  • Delete your account permanently
  • Cancel your paid account on the naughty site
  • Not receive netletters anymore


Sos Internet team is here to help you. We can fix your problem in less than a few hours.

logo attention Please keep in mind: WE ARE NOT RELATED TO THESE NAUGHTY WEBSITES, we are an independant company with no relations with any other website.


1- Pick the formula that suits you the best

  • Ready-made: Our customer service managers take care of all the formalities in first priority. Unsubscribe from naughty sites and delete your account permanently. Efficient and trustworthy
  • VIP: We manage the check-out process for you. Mailing letters (writing, sending), online formalities within a day. Efficient, trustworty and quick


2- We process your formula you chose as soon as posible: you will receive a mail indicating you the steps of the process in which we are to unsubscribe from naughty websites.


3- It’s done! You are now unsubscribed from the naughty site. You no longer have paying subscription and no account.


logo opinion If, after reading our page, you have any question concerning the unsubscription to the naughty site, or you want some help to pay our services, please contact our team (click here).

Choose the solution you want:

Ready-made $44,90

Once your order has been validated, we take care of the steps in your place: Writing and sending mail, faxes, contacting the websites you wish to unsubscribe from… We keep you informed by email of the individual stages of the procedure.

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V.I.P. $49,90

This formula works like the “Ready-Made” solution. But we process your order as first priority: Your file is placed on the “Ready-Made” files –(less than 4 hours on average. The orders submitted during weekend are processed on Monday morning).

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Naughty’s websites swindle: Are naughty websites a scam? a hoax?

Sos Internet’s mission is to take care of all the steps and method of termination and unsubscription. We are not capable and do not have any competence in judging the honesty and/or the efficiency of dating website.

All brands quoted on are the exclusive property of their owners.

The brands mentioned on are from Internet users’ description.

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  • Loren Burnett
    on 11 January 2019 Reply

    Please unsubscribe me from all dating sites please.

  • Roland A.
    on 11 July 2017 Reply

    Unsubscribe me from this site!!

  • Rock yealy
    on 19 March 2017 Reply

    Please cancel my subscription, and stop payment on the account. I no longer want this. Thank you

  • Mr Eric Paterson
    on 15 March 2017 Reply

    I would like if you could plz help me as I can’t find a site called first dates verify as I think they are going to try & take money out from my account but you need a credit card but my card was a debit card but it was still taken but I wish to cancel any membership that I may have with any dating sites & would like to be refunded back my money if they have took any.Please help me out with this matter as I’m very anxious about this matter.

  • Robert Archer
    on 8 February 2017 Reply

    Please unsubscribe me from naughty site

  • Judith francis
    on 7 February 2017 Reply

    Please delete get naughty website

    • Andy Nadazdy
      on 11 May 2017

      Please do not send me yours Imail i am not interesting thank you

  • jnhussein
    on 6 February 2017 Reply


  • Dannymoody
    on 23 January 2017 Reply

    No stop

  • Dannymoody
    on 23 January 2017 Reply

    I am so tired of your bullshit do not send me any more text

  • Lefoko
    on 14 January 2017 Reply

    Please unsubscribe me from naughty couch

  • Lefoko
    on 14 January 2017 Reply

    Please unsubscribe me from naughty couch

  • Martin litchers
    on 12 January 2017 Reply

    My son used this, he is under 18.
    I can cancel the free subscription, and it uses up lots of my monthly fee.
    Please cancel for me, they seem to make it exceedingly difficult. Next step is legal action.

  • Jason byrd
    on 22 October 2016 Reply

    Want my account deleted

  • Steve
    on 13 September 2016 Reply

    I don’t want this

  • Mike
    on 19 May 2016 Reply

    Please unsubscribe me from nauty dates

  • Anthony raymond
    on 7 May 2016 Reply

    Please delete my account I don’t want it

  • Daniel herrera
    on 13 March 2016 Reply

    I wish to cancel my account with you. Thank you

  • fritha ellis
    on 12 March 2016 Reply

    Please unsubscribe me

  • john
    on 8 March 2016 Reply

    Hi Steven,
    I’d like to be clear about the fact that we only help people unsubscribing any kind of websites, we are not related to any of them.
    If you need any help, you can choose one of our options by clicking here.
    Best regards,

  • Randy Douglas
    on 24 August 2015 Reply

    all these sites are ruining my marriage please no more from this naughty date website or any other site related to sex thanks

  • Tom Mikkelsen (mick)
    on 30 June 2015 Reply

    delete this and ALL accounts

  • connor
    on 9 May 2015 Reply

    Great lie
    This shit website is just for taking peoples money
    After paying your money to them they will just sent you messages that you got rid of the website that you want to get rid of it, but acuretly your still just a member on that website.

    • john
      on 10 May 2015

      Hi Connor,
      Did you confirm it to me by e-mail? If not, just do so plz

  • Richard Brosig
    on 6 May 2015 Reply

    Not interested

    • john
      on 7 May 2015

      Hi Richard,
      In what please?

  • dave saffeels
    on 3 May 2015 Reply

    i want to unsubscribe and i dont want to recieve any more emails. from u.

    • john
      on 4 May 2015

      Hi Dave,
      Please be advised that we are not related or connected to any websites. If you want to unregister from any website, just pick one of our services.

  • mari
    on 26 April 2015 Reply

    Please deactivate and delete my account

  • Michael B Bracken
    on 19 April 2015 Reply

    please delete my account and take me off your mailing list. as well as cancel my subscription to your naughty website !

  • francisco santana
    on 21 March 2015 Reply

    Please unsubscribe my account and delete all my information from your web-site.
    I DO NOT WANT TO RECEIVE ANYMORE message from you.

    • john
      on 23 March 2015

      Hi Francisco,
      What messages are you talking about? We don’t send messages to anyone here at Sos Internet.
      Who sends you messages?
      Best regards,

  • Dillon
    on 23 February 2015 Reply

    Please cancel my subscription asap I want my money back site is completely bogus

  • Danniel
    on 21 February 2015 Reply

    Please delete all my profile imformation from naughty sites.
    I hate the site.

  • jenny
    on 20 February 2015 Reply

    Please remove me from naughty sites and cease taking money out of my account thank u

    • John
      on 20 February 2015

      Hi Jenny,
      We’d be glad to do so but we are not related to this website or any of other website, Click here to choose your option., We will take care of it A.S.A.P.

  • steven parker
    on 16 January 2015 Reply

    could you please remove my profiles and personal data from loveaholics,flirt n hook up,and any other dating site ,as i no longer have the need or use of them,thank you.

    • john
      on 21 January 2015

      Hi Steve,
      Yes of course, you can pick the plan you want and it will be a pleasure to help you!
      Best regards,

  • joseph
    on 11 January 2015 Reply

    Remove me from naughty website

  • sean jeanes
    on 5 January 2015 Reply

    Please cancel someone hacked me in

  • Larry Adkins
    on 19 December 2014 Reply

    Remove Email Addresss please

    • John
      on 22 December 2014

      Hi Larry,

      Did you get e-mails from us?
      If you talk about naughty websites, we are not related to them, we are an independant company.
      If you want to get rid of them, just pick your option by going to :

      Best regards,

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