Introducing Sos-Internet !

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Welcome to!
Sos-Internet was created after observing that : It is more complicated to quit a Website than to join it. Thus, you can very easily create a profile on the social networks, an account on the dating websites… You also can very easily subscribe to paid trial offers or subscribe to Premium accounts.

But when it is time to unsubscribe/delete accounts, it’s much more complicated : Some websites deliberately complicate the process.
Sos-Internet is a service dedicated to the Internet users who experience difficulties unsubscribing, cancelling their paid subscriptions, and deleting their accounts.

Sos-Internet has already provided service to thousands of Brazilian, Spanish and French Internet users and the business is committed to doing more !

Do you want to see our offers ? Please go to the Unsubscribe page
Do you want to contact a team member ? Laura and Thomas, the two responsibles for customer service in the US, will be delighted to answer to you. Contact us !