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By sending a message to the Sos Internet team, I aknowledge:

– Sos Internet is a site that helps Internet users to unsuscribe and stop withdrawals…

– Sos Internet has NOTHING to do with any web sites that charge or those you want to unregister from.

– Sos Internet is a paying service (for more information concerning the service, click this link)



  • Keith Ecklund
    on 9 October 2015

    Please unsubscribe my dam account

  • yasif Hussain
    on 16 September 2015

    please can u unsubscribe my account from affairdating

  • Ryan Busse
    on 27 August 2015

    Remove my web sight

  • adam
    on 17 August 2015

    Please rénové me from your web site or any site’s affileated wiith. you. This is your one eating cesse and
    Désisté. Emditly or face prosacution RETURN ALL FUNDS REMOVED FROM MY ACCOUNT

    • john
      on 24 August 2015

      Hi Adam,
      What website are you talking about? We do not work on a subscription basis, therefore, we are not the ones who charge you.
      Sincerely yours,

  • Your Mom
    on 13 July 2015

    WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? This is obviously a scam. I am getting in touch with my lawyer today to get to the bottom of this. I NEVER EVER SIGNED UP FOR YOUR STUPID SERVICE.

    • john
      on 16 July 2015

      First of all Hello Mommy,
      I trust that before you sent this kind of warm message, you took at least 5 minutes to understand what our job is.
      So what do you believe we do? Expect helping people to get rid of unwanted charges?
      I really am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Doesn’t matter
      on 17 July 2015

      That’s what all scammers say. I am filing a police report to investigate this and follow up with the legal steps.

    • john
      on 27 July 2015

      What’s your exact problem by the way?

  • Sean Adams
    on 7 July 2015

    I wish to delete my clickandflirt account.

    • Stephanie wilganowski
      on 10 July 2015

      Do not want any subscriptions to this website charged to my visa debt card

  • David Smalley
    on 6 July 2015

    Please unsubscribe me from quick flirt female ads.

  • bains423
    on 30 May 2015

    please delete my account from affair alert asap

    • john
      on 2 June 2015

      With pleasure, just pick one of our services or tell us if you have further questionns.

    • Stephanie wilganowski
      on 10 July 2015

      Attention: Laura or Patrick for customer support…I was not trying to subscribe to this website..please do not allow your website to charge any membership fees to my account now visa debt card as of July 9th 2015..
      Sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused..I also do not want the 3 day trial for $2.97..I just wish to cancel any & all transactions that have accrued..Thank you..I look forward to getting a return email saying the matter is cleared up and over with..My return email is
      Please disregard the visa debt card that was used..The card is being canceled for any further transactions..

    • john
      on 10 July 2015

      Hi Stephanie,
      Our job is to help people like you getting rid of those kind of unwanted charges. You can pick one of our services and we will help you.

  • Rebecca williamson
    on 18 May 2015

    Unsubscribe me now

    • john
      on 25 May 2015

      Hi Rebecca,
      What website are you talking about plz?

  • Kieran Farrell
    on 10 May 2015

    I want to unsubscribe from loveaholics but I have no money to pay for your services. Would you be able to help me anyway please.

    • john
      on 18 May 2015

      Hi Kieran,
      We understand but the system won’t allow it and we would be charged anyway. Sorry,

  • Joshua
    on 26 April 2015

    I want to unsubscribe from this and stop my payments after the month I paid for ?

  • Jeff hall
    on 14 April 2015

    Please remove me from it is not what excepted thank you

  • Michelle
    on 6 March 2015

    You have an exciting site with great picture but I’m just not interested!!!

  • amjad safi
    on 27 February 2015

    I want to stop my account in
    So please now stop this .

    • amjad safi
      on 27 February 2015

      Dear sir.
      I just connected for one day.but today is 2nd day and they also take money from my account.
      I want to stop my money more.

    • john
      on 27 February 2015

      Hi Amjad,

      We have nothing to do with them, we help people unregister from them.

      Feel free to choose one of our services if you need any help.



  • Eric Harrington
    on 20 February 2015

    It isn’t what I exspected so could you please unsubscribe my account .. I don’t want to be charge any longer for Thank you very much..

  • Izumi, delkuu
    on 28 January 2015

    I have already logged out and I want to unsubscribe immediately, pls do that for me.

    Thank you

    • john
      on 16 February 2015

      Hi Izumi,

      We can take care of everything anyway with two options:

      – “Turnkey” for $44,90: a member from the team will do all the initiatives and you will be prompted when each step is done.

      – “VIP” : for $5 more ($49,90) : your file is taking care of in first priority.

      At the end, you will no longer be part of the website, you won’t pay anymore and you will no longer receive mails from them as your account in the website is deleted.

      Click here to choose your option.



  • mike
    on 20 December 2014

    Pls dellete all my details and profiles from your dating sites I didn’t joined or may be there’s someone who came in contact wth my phone pls

    • jeanbaptiste
      on 22 December 2014

      Hello Mike,

      Sorry to hear it but we are NOT RELATED in any way with any other website, we are independant and we fight against websites abusing customers.
      Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail to tell us what the problem is.

  • Jesse shaw
    on 10 December 2014

    I need to delete affair alert today

    • jeanbaptiste
      on 22 December 2014

      Hi Jesse,
      You just need to pick the option you want and we will be able to help you through it.
      Best regards

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