Online payment GB London $119 : Cancel and ask for refund

You experience one or more card withdrawals from Online payment GB London and you wish to:

  • Know the origin of these withdrawals ( this is certainly subscription on an Internet site )
  • Stop these debits , cancel the subscription for these withdrawals
  • Request refund of amounts collected by ONLINE PAYMENT

Sos Internet can help in these efforts : we identify the source of the levy ONLINE PAYMENT LONDON GB $119, we make sure to stop any future withdrawal and will indicate the procedure to claim back sums taken .

(“Online payment” charges details : USD 119 – GBP 74 – AUD 129 – CAD 129 – NZD 139 – EUR 89)

logo opinion If, after reading our page, you have any question concerning the unsubscription, or you want some help to pay our services, please contact our team (click here).


logo attention Please keep in mind: WE ARE NOT RELATED TO “Online Payment, we are an independant company with no relations with any other website.

The guide $33,90

Once your order has been validated, we will send you an email with a step-by-step guide clarifying how to cancel Vouchererseller charges. PDF Format: You can read the document on your computer or you can print it.

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Ready-made $44,90

Once your order has been validated, we take care of the steps in your place: Writing and sending mail, faxes, contacting the websites you wish to unsubscribe from… We keep you informed by email of the individual stages of the procedure.

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V.I.P. $49,90

This formula works like the “Ready-Made” solution. But we process your order as first priority: Your file is placed on the “Ready-Made” files (less than 4 hours on average -the orders submitted during weekend are processed on Monday morning-).

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Sos Internet informs his clients: you prefer to stay anonymous? The only mandatory information we ask for is your email address. Sos Internet knows how important confidenciality is for his clients.


Is the levy ONLINE PAYMENT LONDON GB $89 a scam?

Many users contact us thinking that this is a card fraud. However, it seems that these withdrawals are done after a trial offer or a contest : in fact, the user only responds to a survey or answer a questionnaire and is offered an $1 object ( iphone, samsung, perfume … ). He then enters his bank details on the internet to access this offer or contest (” $1 to win an iphone ” for example) .

Then, if he does not perform the necessary cancellation procedures , he finds himself involved in a 89$ subscription. It is therefore not a card piracy as the user has entered his banking information.

  • Stop online payment charges USD 119
  • Stop online payment london GBP 74
  • Stop AUD 129online payment charges
  • Stoponline payment charges CAD 129
  • StopNZD 139online payment GB London charges


“What does the Payment ONLINE PAYMENT UNITED KINGDOM COMMERCE $89 on my bank statement ? How can I stop it ? Is it possible to ask for a refund?”

” How do I cancel a withdrawal ? I have a withdrawal London EN online payment on my bank statement of August . But I have no recollection of having to make a purchase nor in England , nor the money there … “

“… I thought I had won a tablet ! I had not realized then that this was a game and I had actually ” a chance ” to win … So I entered my card  numbers to get my tablet and I not only have never received but I was charged the following month $89 !!! I thank the Internet service Sos helping me to see more clearly and have managed to get the cancellation and repayment of $89 which I will be able to use to buy myself a real tablet!!”


All brands quoted on are the exclusive property of their owners.
The brands mentioned on are from Internet user’s description.


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  • Robert Olson
    on 17 August 2019 Reply

    I want my money back and to be unsubscribed from this scam

  • Shelly Mcgehee
    on 20 July 2019 Reply

    Refund my money now I will be in contact with my bank on Monday. You lied this is a scam

  • Shelly Mcgehee
    on 20 July 2019 Reply

    Refund my money now

  • Christine
    on 19 July 2019 Reply

    Yesterday my bank got emptied of all my funds so this week I have no food no power for myself and my grandchildren I raise we live from week to week as it is so if you can help I need my money back $350 but was taken out as $100.60 $43.50 and others so now my bank in debt as oversea charges have now come in so next week we short too

  • Shelly Mcgehee
    on 18 July 2019 Reply

    I want my money back this is a scam. 49.99 was taken from my account for a lazer machine. I have proof if not refunded in 24 to 48 hours I will call an dispute with bank

  • Fabian hanley
    on 18 July 2019 Reply

    Unsubscribe me now and refund all my money thanks

  • Euna Jang
    on 10 July 2019 Reply

    This is shocking, i just found out that you guys too my money from my account twice!! Refund it back ASAP!! $515.54 to be refund now please! ²and cancel all my details whatever you have!

  • Mary Law
    on 3 June 2019 Reply

    DC KHOPESALIVE LONDON GB Ref:150232403721 Auth:403721 PurchDate:05-30-2019
    DebitPlease refund my money from this transaction:

  • Steve Coombs
    on 17 May 2019 Reply

    Hi, you are DKFTCUSTOMER.COM
    you have deducted $49.86 AU.
    It was deducted 17-5-2019. Please refunded to me asap.
    It shouldn’t been taken at all

  • lionel barker
    on 10 May 2019 Reply

    you h ave been taken money out off my account please refund it as i have not recived any of products at all yet you keep taken money out.

  • norman bray
    on 9 May 2019 Reply

    return my money iam to old for this scam

  • Rup Narayan
    on 6 May 2019 Reply

    Stop this action and refund all the money

  • J allardice
    on 2 May 2019 Reply

    You have taken money out if my account I won’t it back I have never brought any product nor have I subscribe to any thing

  • Burke Weber
    on 29 April 2019 Reply

    I would like to put a STOP on an order for:
    Vital Progenix and Pro Muscle flex. I wish to stop on any further payments for this above item.
    Mr Burke Weber.

  • Elrico
    on 26 April 2019 Reply

    can please stop all purchases and I want all the refunds back.Cancel everything

  • Patrina Poching
    on 3 April 2019 Reply

    I got a message saying my card wasn’t accepted and to try again with another card. So it I decided I didnt want it and it should not have gone through and yet youve taken money from my account with no acknowledgement. I want my money put back and thwre is nothing to cancel because my application did not go through.

  • Kerry
    on 2 April 2019 Reply

    You stole my fcking money I will get you pricks

  • Catherine Rutter
    on 26 March 2019 Reply

    Money been taken out of my account in 3 transactions please stop and refund please asap.

  • Alan Crawford
    on 18 March 2019 Reply

    Please unsubscribe me from your site/ system. And return all funds you have unauthorized taken from my account. I have had bout 6 transactions out of my account. And that new Zealand dollars.

  • George Kaczorowski
    on 11 March 2019 Reply

    would you please cancel all type of membership and get my refund .I have sent all products back

  • Andrei Levarda
    on 28 February 2019 Reply

    Can you please don’t have this amount back into my account I Would you please cancel I want my refund money back please!

  • Tevita Fosita
    on 28 February 2019 Reply

    Hi sorry i would like to cancelled the online payment on my credit card with internet banking online that is the payment was take from my account on 20 February $142.46 POS W/D 133.00AUD @ 0.9569 CONVERSION RATE

  • Lily
    on 27 February 2019 Reply

    You have taken 130.00 out of my account without any approval. Please reimburse immediately

  • Tony Yeung
    on 27 February 2019 Reply

    Hi there please refund my money HK$288 cancel are not allowed to take money from acc. Thanks

  • Makanoti Tohi
    on 27 February 2019 Reply

    Hi there please refund my money cancel are not allowed to take money from acc. Thanks

  • Troy Xuereb
    on 24 February 2019 Reply

    Can you please don’t have this amount back into my account I Would you please cancel I want my refund money back please

  • Troy Xuereb
    on 24 February 2019 Reply

    Can you Cancel memberships Please refund my money please

  • Victor Geary
    on 20 February 2019 Reply

    You have taken $136.99 out of my Westpac account I would like a refund

  • Jesse Davis
    on 3 February 2019 Reply

    Cancel all memberships on here now please

  • Laura Starkey
    on 23 January 2019 Reply

    Please cancel my subscription immediately and refund the charge

  • Muhammad Hassan
    on 16 January 2019 Reply

    Please refund my money

  • Mr Jimmy Yeuny
    on 13 January 2019 Reply

    Money has been taken out from me, the ‘ online Gb’ $132.50 doing nothing, would you please cancel all type of membership and get my refund

  • Alicia L
    on 10 January 2019 Reply

    I think you’ve made a mistake and charged me $56.01 for nothing. I want to refund my money.

  • Lynn Scully
    on 5 January 2019 Reply

    I ordered a wireless speaker from Household New London for $76.95 Au on 7/12/2018 and have not received my goods. Please send me a refund

  • Barry Polkinghorne
    on 22 December 2018 Reply

    To Whom it may Concern
    early in November 1918 I ordered a free trial of Vital Progenix and Pro Muscle Flex which I received (thank you ) I could not take for 8 days because I had Bronchitis and was on ant biotics you then preceded to take $133 and$131 out of
    my account for products that I did not order or receive. I don’t no if this how you do
    business but I think it seems like its just SCAM to me and I am afraid I couldn’t recommend product to anyone even though I think it could work.

    Yours sincerely
    B W Polkinghorne

  • Eiritekura Reynolds
    on 21 December 2018 Reply

    I want my money back you are scammers with no permission to take money out of my card

  • Amy
    on 5 December 2018 Reply

    Hello I made a purchase on Nov 15 for the curling iron I’m checking tracking info. Can i get that from you?


  • Beth Bowling
    on 3 December 2018 Reply

    I ordered a phone that I paid $51.70 which I have never received

    on 24 October 2018 Reply


    There was a charge to my credit card that I did not authorize (ref #8524297MORD88S4SV). Request that my funds be added back onto my card. ($48.50)

  • Maree Martin
    on 1 October 2018 Reply

    I never gave you permission to take money from me Aud 139.00 if I don’t have this amount back into my account I will be forwarding it to the AFP INAusrralia

  • Ian Brown
    on 30 November 2017 Reply

    I recently authorised a payment for a free trial of a product called Nitro Core. The payment of £4.93 was for postage of the product. I now find that I there has been another payment of £4.91 taken (Unauthorised). Would you please cancel both payments.
    Also there was no mention of any future payments to this company, however if this is a subscription then I would like this cancelled with immediate affect.

    Many Thanks

  • Aaron
    on 12 January 2017 Reply

    Cash is been taken out of my bank for a dating website I believe and I would like to cancel this subscription and get my money back because unfortunately my flatmate has been using my details and going onto dating sites

  • otisi ogbugha
    on 21 September 2015 Reply

    Please return all the moneys or funds which you removed from my account!!!.what’s evil ?.this is touch with my lawyer today to get to the bottom of this.i never ever signed up for your stupid service.that’s what all scammers say.i am filing a police report to investigate this and follow up with the legal-steps.And unsubscribe me now and stop taking the moneys from my carte and return all that you has been taking months,need to return back where he was before in my account.
    Thanks. and

    • john
      on 23 September 2015

      We understand your trouble but we do not have anything to do with the subscriptions. We are an independant company that helps people get rid of their memberships.
      Hope you understand,

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