Voucherreseller $119 £74 : Identify and stop withdrawals

You have noticed one or several Voucherreseller charges from your card on your bank statement and you want to:

  1. Know where they come from (most likely to be a subscription on a website with quiz)
  2. Stop those $119 takings from Voucherreseller, cancel the subscription for these withdrawals
  3. Request reimbursement from Voucher reseller for the collected amounts (possible in some cases)

(Voucherreseller charges details : USD 119 – GBP 74 – AUD 129 – CAD 129 – NZD 139)

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Sos Internet can help you in these efforts: We identify of these takings from Voucher Reseller, we make sure to stop any future withdrawals and will indicate the procedure to request reimbursement of the sums taken.

The guide $33,90

Once your order has been validated, we will send you an email with a step-by-step guide clarifying how to cancel Vouchererseller charges. PDF Format: You can read the document on your computer or you can print it.

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Ready-made $44,90

Once your order has been validated, we take care of the steps in your place: Writing and sending mail, faxes, contacting the websites you wish to unsubscribe from… We keep you informed by email of the individual stages of the procedure.

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V.I.P. $49,90

This formula works like the “Ready-Made” solution. But we process your order as first priority: Your file is placed on the “Ready-Made” files (less than 4 hours on average -the orders submitted during weekend are processed on Monday morning-).

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Choose the best option for your personnal situacion (click “Buy now” on the option sur that suits you best, then, at the top right of the page, click on “Cart” and finish you command.)

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Is the levy Voucherreseller $119 a scam?

Some users contact us thinking that this is a card fraud. However, it seems that these withdrawals happen after a trial offer or contest : in fact, the user enters his bank details on the internet to access this offer or contest (” 1 dollar to gain a tablet “for example) . Then, if he does not perform cancellation approaches , he finds himself involved in a subscription of $119. It is therefore not a card piracy , since the user has even entered his banking information.

  • Stop voucherreseller charges USD 119
  • Stop voucher reseller charges GBP 74
  • StopAUD 129 voucherreseller charges
  • Stop voucherreseller charges CAD 129
  • StopNZD 139 voucher reseller charges


“I answered a questionnaire survey and I thought I had won an $1 iphone ! I had not realized then that this was a game and I had actually ” a chance ” to win … So I entered my banking information to receive my iphone and I not only have never received it but I was charged the following month $89 by Voucherresseller society. I thank the Sos Internet service for helping me solve this card withdrawals problem and have managed to get the cancellation and repayment of the $89 .”

” When I saw ” Voucherreseller UK ” on my statement , I was very scared because I was sure that I had never bought anything in England nor on an English site! My banker was not able to tell me where did this purchase was from but I nevertheless confirmed that the purchase came from my card ( or someone who had access to my credit card ) as my card numbers were entered for sampling to take place … I finally gave up until next month … until a month later, when my banker called me to tell me again that $89 had been sent to Reseller Voucher ! So I did some research and I ended up calling sos internet ( what a pleasure to have a human on the phone !) . My counselor has solved the problem in half a day , so I want to thank her and know that I will do you good advertising ! “

“ What is the $119 payment Voucherreseller London on my bank statement ? How to stop it ? Is it possible to ask for a refund? Who should I contact? I’m a little lost, and I’m looking for answers , I hope you can solve this problem with the Turnkey formula. “

” How can I cancel a withdrawal ? I have a UK Voucherreseller withdraw on my August bank statement. But I have no recollection of making any purchase of that money here … “


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  • Opie
    on 28 November 2022 Reply

    Stop taking unauthorized money from Terrell Cheek account from Regions bank please

  • Nompumelelo
    on 17 February 2022 Reply

    Please stop what you are doing

  • Nompumelelo
    on 17 February 2022 Reply

    Please stop taking my money in accont this is wrong

  • Kristy86
    on 30 April 2021 Reply

    Please stop taking unauthorised money from my account. This is fraudulent money.

  • Lourence Mohlamonyane
    on 25 June 2020 Reply

    Good Day

    Request of reimbursement from voucher resellers for the collected amount of R510 on the 18th of June 2020 and cancellation of subscription to my bank account

    Cell numbers 0833********

  • Avela
    on 31 March 2020 Reply

    Plz help me these online datings they took my money I don’t have money for food for transport…they took 900 +133 and 425 midnight I need your help plz

  • Phil
    on 14 September 2015 Reply

    Finally, I found you! I noticed $131.45 from voucherreseller online payment. Are you able to help right away pls? I’m ok to take the VIP formula in order to get rid of it ASAP if you can guarantee it.

    • john
      on 14 September 2015

      Hi Phil,
      Hope you are satisfied with our services!

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