A single euro’s worth of fraud: how to stop unwanted subscriptions

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If the name you were looking for on Google (or another search engine) appears in the list below, it means that you have signed up for a website subscription. Perhaps you simply entered your card details for a game or a competition, or to receive a “reward” (such as an iPhone, Samsung, tablet, perfume or a pair of trainers) for a euro? These transactions are often frauds that aim to get you to take out a chargeable subscription.


How to find the company that’s charging you, and how to block card charges ?

You need to find the site where the subscription originated and cancel your subscription.

You can carry out the searches and cancel the subscription for yourself, or you can use the assistance of an online service like SOS Internet, which will carry out these steps on your behalf. SOS is an independent service provider that guarantees “success or your money back.”

How does the SOS Internet service work?

The SOS Internet service works as follows:

  1. You place an order for our turnkey service;
  2. A customer service manager will contact you by e-mail to start the process of searching for a website, and will then help you throughout the process of cancelling your subscription.


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Here is the list (in alphabetical order)

(If the name of the charge that you have noticed does not appear in this list, you may contact us directly by clicking here.)

  • allofstars
  • amusicheaven
  • beatshd
  • bestwebfun
  • browsetuna
  • bunch4u
  • bundlehd
  • clipfou
  • coolgames4u
  • dabpulse
  • damusicmix
  • dazzlexs
  • demimba
  • demipe
  • dinkhero
  • divambee
  • dropdownsound
  • dynander
  • eambu
  • finalblend
  • flickheaven
  • funient
  • funonfleek
  • gabopia
  • gamerregion
  • gamesuperb
  • getmusicmix
  • in2flix
  • instantwebwatch
  • iplaybundle
  • jabberfeed
  • katzumo
  • kwibox
  • kwivee
  • listen2beats
  • listen2thebeat
  • listen2tracks
  • mediadrizzle
  • megabiggiant
  • melodymoose
  • mixofgames
  • mygamemix
  • need4fun
  • orlyfant
  • plalane
  • play2rewind
  • playallhere
  • playallthis
  • proplayhub
  • qwiplay
  • skipblab
  • statictrack
  • streamdle
  • themixedbeats
  • topfunblend
  • topgamemix
  • topiccat
  • tracktripping
  • tuneslisten
  • tunessurfing
  • tvieva
  • unlifun
  • unlimitedstreamz
  • vidbrid
  • whoopeewoop
  • wikiveo
  • yakivu


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—> Place an order for services <—


Why use the SOS Internet service?

Of course, you don’t have to go via a chargeable service to unsubscribe. Nevertheless, the service will take care of everything for you and offers guaranteed “success or your money back.” You can learn more about our services by browsing the site, reviewing our legal notices, or reading our answers to frequently asked questions.

All brands and trademarks referenced on sos-internet.com are the sole and exclusive property of their respective owners.

Brands are listed on sos-internet.com based on notifications received from web users.


  • Marta
    on 25 February 2024 Reply

    I was charged from FunOnFleek
    Help me

  • Elanie van der Merww
    on 17 October 2023 Reply

    I was just scammed by Dabpulse.com and Costshock.com
    I ENTERD TO WIN THE R60 Temu box promotion.And they deducted R151.13 and R57.03 from my account.Please assist

  • Lawariani
    on 13 March 2023 Reply

    I was scam by (mygamemix) can you unsubscribe and stop the payment from My account and also cancel My subscription, please help me!

  • Antoinette
    on 16 January 2022 Reply

    I was scammed by whoopeewoop. How do I cancel the subscription please?

  • Amanda Fick
    on 27 October 2021 Reply

    Please sign me out and delete account

  • Courtney Commons
    on 1 September 2021 Reply

    I did not order this Subscription. someone has hacked into my Bank account and charged this. I would like my money put back into my account please. if you need to speak to me my number is 785-** if I don’t answer please leave a message of how to contact you back please. Also if this is a subscription please cancel it please. I don’t know what you are or do but if I have to contact my bank I will be pressing fraud charges.

    on 25 August 2021 Reply

    I was scammed by themixedbeats, please help me.

  • Anna Biancardi
    on 14 June 2021 Reply

    Listen2thebeat , is charging me a service I didn’t request.
    I’m asking for your help, please…what should I do to stop the payment?

  • Daniel Rieza
    on 6 June 2021 Reply

    I was scam by damusicmix.com

  • Mark rannier lopez
    on 30 May 2021 Reply

    I was scam by DAMUSICMIX.COM+

  • Jose Duran
    on 2 April 2021 Reply

    I was scam by Kwivee today. They haven’t charge any money yet. I did unsubscribe in the website were I sent the data of my card, but I am not sure they will cancel the subscription.

  • Rosemary Reyes
    on 27 March 2021 Reply

    I want to cancel my subscription to beatshd.

  • Orest Muszkewycz
    on 29 January 2021 Reply

    I was informed that I won a $500 gift card from amazon. The place called FUNONFLEEK.CO +441865951458 , handling charge was $1 taken out of my debit card.

  • Bien Thuy Nguyen
    on 11 January 2021 Reply

    I got scammed by need4fun twice and I chatted with them and they said “we will cancel the subscription”, then my bloody card got charged again. WTF??? How can I report them?

  • Lucie Kos
    on 5 January 2021 Reply

    Hi, I was scammed by dropdownsound already twice even if I asked them to cancel my account. I hate them. Can you tell me how to not be charged again?

    on 10 December 2020 Reply

    I was scam by gamesuper and they charge my card USD 9.95 every month, please help me.
    Thank you.

  • Vyoncia
    on 4 November 2020 Reply

    I was fraud by damusicmix .. please help me

  • Ludmila Velká
    on 19 October 2020 Reply

    Allofstars. Com.. Chci odhlásit, nesleduji jej..

  • Marie Scarth
    on 4 September 2020 Reply

    I want to unsubcribe from topgamemix.com…finding it difficult to track them down

  • Magdalena
    on 12 June 2020 Reply

    I was robbed by top game mix too. Twice. They say I will get the money back.

  • Dina Pereira
    on 10 March 2020 Reply

    I was scam by (topgamemix), please can you help me? I already cancel my card with de bank, and made my reclamation, they made a fraude in my account of 65,00€.

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