Suspicious transactions: how to identify origin, how to cancel them.

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If the name that you entered in your search engine appears in the list below, it means that you have taken out a subscription membership for a website.


How can you find and stop these transactions?

You need to find the website where the subscription came from to unsubscribe and cancel your subscription.

You can complete the process of searching for the provider and cancelling the subscription for yourself, or you can use the services of an online service such as SOS Internet, which will carry out these steps for you.


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Here is the list (in alphabetical order)

(If the name of the charge that you have noticed does not appear in this list, you may contact us directly by clicking here.)

  • 2bill4
  • 2billeld
  • 2eldbill
  • 4eldbill
  • addpmt
  • addpt
  • alptbil
  • bill2eld
  • bill2nor
  • bill4eld
  • bill4glb
  • bill4nor
  • bill4ntf
  • billglo
  • billnk
  • billtdm
  • cshfix
  • cudman
  • dafobel
  • el2pay
  • eld2pay
  • eldbill
  • eldopay
  • eldors
  • eldpay
  • eldsrvs
  • elsfee
  • epaynw
  • epayun
  • fadfee
  • feesxs
  • fixcsh
  • flimts
  • flirmd
  • flmfee
  • flndat
  • flormi
  • fmsfee
  • fmspay
  • fomfee
  • glb2pay
  • glb4pay
  • glbalex
  • glbxpay
  • mndts
  • neatpt
  • nor2bill
  • nor4bill
  • nortpay
  • ntf2pay
  • oshpay
  • pay2eld
  • pay2gbl
  • pay2ntf
  • pay4eld
  • pay4es
  • pay4glb
  • pay4ntf
  • payeld
  • payeldo
  • paympt
  • paynort
  • paytht
  • pfdfee
  • prdfee
  • prtfee
  • pt2pay
  • pt4our
  • ptbdts
  • ptneat
  • utypay
  • ylvml


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Why use the SOS Internet service?

Of course, you don’t have to go via a chargeable service to unsubscribe. Nevertheless, the service will take care of everything for you and offers guaranteed “success or your money back.” You can learn more about our services by browsing the site, reviewing our legal notices, or reading our answers to frequently asked questions.

All brands and trademarks referenced on are the sole and exclusive property of their respective owners.

Brands are listed on based on notifications received from web users.


  • Pieter
    on 17 June 2021 Reply

    I did not sign up for this and would like a refund

  • Clayton
    on 6 April 2021 Reply

    I did not sign up for PT neat and they charged my card

  • Calvin D Stokes
    on 31 March 2021 Reply

    What is PTNEAT. I didn’t order nun put my money back and unsubscribe me

  • Robert Greenough
    on 22 March 2021 Reply

    Pls refund my funds I never ordered anything from your company someone is hacking or doing something illegal on my phone. Thank you

  • Ghesabeth guzman
    on 10 March 2021 Reply


  • Terri Tiopira
    on 18 January 2021 Reply

    I never signed up for Perfectfunn,

    Please cancel me out of this account, as money keeps coming out of my account.

  • Dylan Satterley
    on 8 November 2020 Reply

    What the hell is ylvml cause its taken a large amount out but i dodnt sign up for something

  • Taofeek
    on 3 November 2020 Reply

    I don’t know what is ylvml is and i don’t sign up for it and i was debited , please how can i rectify or unsuscribe from this site and unwanted automatic withrawal

  • Andrew Marin
    on 30 July 2020 Reply

    I dont know what PTNEAT is and i eant to unsubscribe from that

  • Jason Hayes
    on 8 July 2020 Reply

    what the hell is ptneat because i didnt sign up for anything

  • hasrul azli yaacob
    on 26 May 2020 Reply

    i want cancel this

  • Joseph Butzner
    on 8 February 2020 Reply

    Hi, How do I cancel PTNEAT. Com

    Please help I don’t know what it is

  • Luis Silva
    on 29 July 2019 Reply

    Como cancelar

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