Fraudulent payments: cancelling unwanted subscriptions

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If the name that you entered in your search engine (such as Google or Bing) appears in the list below, it means that you have bought an online subscription. Perhaps you simply entered your card details as part of a game or contest, or to receive a “reward” (such as an iPhone, Samsung, tablet, perfume or a pair of trainers) for a euro? These transactions are often frauds that aim to get you to take out a chargeable subscription. Maybe you took out a service with a very low initial price that has now grown so that you are charged dozens of euros every month?

In many cases, these are fraudulent transactions that aim to get you to sign up for a chargeable service.


How to find the company that’s charging you, and how to stop funds being taken from your bank account

You need to find the website where the subscription came from to unsubscribe from the original offer.

You can complete the process of searching for the provider and cancelling the subscription for yourself, or you get help from a chargeable service like SOS Internet, which will complete the process for you. SOS Internet is an independent service provide that offers a “money back guarantee.”


How does the SOS Internet cancellation service work?

The SOS Internet service works as follows:

  1. You place an order for our turnkey service;
  2. A customer service manager will contact you by e-mail to start the process of searching for a website, and will then help you throughout the process of cancelling your subscription.

Once the SOS Internet service is complete, you will know where the charges came from and can rest assured that payments will stop, because the subscription will have been cancelled. You will also receive an e-mail confirming that the cancellation has been completed.


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Here is the list (in alphabetical order)

(If the name of the charge that you have noticed does not appear in this list, you may contact us directly by clicking here.)

  • 101Reel
  • 777Streams
  • 855play
  • azursnd
  • bestgamesfun
  • Bookgify
  • bookzigy
  • BrowseTuna
  • bundledmix
  • bundlehd
  • cleandevice365
  • cogilium
  • DabVerse
  • Demimba
  • demipe
  • dottyframes
  • Dynander
  • exceedgames
  • famlyfunzone
  • Freshlish
  • Gamingify
  • Gamomu
  • hotgameblend
  • Hutuno
  • imediabundle
  • In2Flix
  • iPlayBundle
  • Katzumo
  • Kwibox
  • Mediadrizzle
  • mixofgames
  • musicgecko
  • musicmixist
  • myfamlyfun
  • myfun247
  • mygameblend
  • Need4Fun
  • NinjaNuuk
  • perfectfunn
  • PickPressPlay
  • PlayAllHere
  • PlayAllMovies
  • PlayAllThis
  • PlayMonger
  • Playoyd
  • Rackit3D
  • Spoonti
  • StreamBroom
  • Streamstir
  • TheFunBundle
  • themusicilike
  • Top-Tunes
  • TopGameMix
  • TopicCat
  • tracktripping
  • tryallday
  • tunethirst
  • tunetriumph
  • Twindu
  • Vidbrid
  • Voppily
  • WeMediaMix
  • weseezoo
  • wowmusicmix


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Why use the SOS Internet service?

Of course, you don’t have to go via a chargeable service to unsubscribe. Nevertheless, the service will take care of everything for you and offers guaranteed “success or your money back.” You can learn more about our services by browsing the site, reviewing our legal notices, or reading our answers to frequently asked questions.

All brands and trademarks referenced on are the sole and exclusive property of their respective owners.

Brands are listed on based on notifications received from web users.


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  • Toni Barber
    on 6 August 2020 Reply

    i would like to unsubscribe from wowmusicmix

  • Samantha barbee
    on 28 July 2020 Reply

    I was in touch with playmonger after i was unsubscribed to their site and they are bein sneaky and took 1.50 out my account and thats stealing and i want my money back and i will have them reported.

  • Paul Blaser
    on 22 July 2020 Reply

    I want to unsubscribe from the services of THEFUNBUNDLE.COM, from which I never got any services and with whom I never had an agreement, but I get charged every month by way of my mastercard. Please acknowledge my unsubscription.

  • Paul Dilling
    on 11 July 2020 Reply

    I would like to unsubscribe from tune thirst I paid £1 for a prize witch I never received now they’re taking £17.99 out of my account every 2 weeks and I cannot afford this

  • Ursula Bell
    on 27 June 2020 Reply

    I want to unsubscribe to this service as I have never used it and don’t know how. Please help. I am an old age pensioner and cannot afford this. Thank you.

  • Nor Christison
    on 22 June 2020 Reply

    I was part of an online survey participent and was offered a “free gift” by completing the survey! It would cost a pound for delivery so I paid!
    Next thing I know I was charged an extra £17.99 of my card without my knowledge or consent! This was from ” PERFECTFUNN.COM ” website but no indication of this address was given on the original message! So, BEWARE all FREE gifts! I will be questioning this Co. about this extra charged expense!

  • Katelijne Schellinck
    on 15 June 2020 Reply

    I’ve send already but can you try do send my money back

  • Schellinck Katelijne
    on 15 June 2020 Reply

    22/5 and 25/5 i’ve payed €1,5 and €75 imediabundle CYP +4414112806 but I don’t understand , I did’nt buy anything???

  • Febrien Andy
    on 6 June 2020 Reply

    Hi, i want to unsubcribe from

  • Febrien Andy
    on 6 June 2020 Reply

    Hi, i want to unsubcribe from weseezoo

  • lusieyana Buli
    on 21 May 2020 Reply

    I want to unsubscribe from twindu.Com but how?

  • tracey miller
    on 6 May 2020 Reply

    hi i would like to unsubsceibe from thank you as they have taken a pound from my bank account now i think this is a scam to get my bank details and now they will take more money from my bank account please can you help thank you kind regards from Tracey miller.

  • Jake McQuaid
    on 24 March 2020 Reply

    I would like to unsubscribe from tunethirst

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  • Mith
    on 21 February 2020 Reply

    Unsubscribe from musicmixist

  • Camille
    on 7 February 2020 Reply

    If i understand they use famous brands for their scams but are not related to them ? Crazy !

  • aurelia aslau
    on 3 February 2020 Reply

    i want to unsubscribe from

  • C.Lavine
    on 4 January 2020 Reply

    Yes I fell for the scam tunethirst. I would really like to unsubscribe

  • alain vandendriessche
    on 3 January 2020 Reply

    Ik had domweg meegedaan aan een prijskamp om een i-phone te winnen voor 1 euro.
    Ik had die zelf niet eens betaald !! Nu ging er van mijn rekening 1 euro + 65 euro af, zonder enige verklaring. Firma ( ?) wowmusicmix

  • Pjmacglinchey
    on 15 November 2019 Reply

    I want to unsubscribe from mediadrizzle

  • Matheus van Dueren
    on 16 September 2019 Reply

    Hello there, by looking at my creditcard transactions is found out that this company charged me quite some money lately, could you help met to get my money back.
    Thank you. Matheus.

  • Eulalia Plabosch Mauri
    on 17 April 2019 Reply

    PickpPresspPlay has charged us for sending a gift from LIDL, I think there is a subscrition attached too,, I talked to LIDL, they say is a scam

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