Unsubscribe from a dating website

on 25 September 2013 Dating websites with 0 comments

How can you unsubscribe from a dating website ? How can you suppress the automatic withdrawals ? How can you suppress a paid subscription ? How can you permanently delete an account ? How can you prevent mail from other members of a site you encountered ?

Unfortunately ; there is no unique response : There are as many procedures as there are sites to be encountered. Each site has different procedures: Registered mail with tracking, sending faxes, steps to take after creating the account, customer service requests…

Sos-Internet is available to help you unsubscribe from websites you have encountered.

Depending on the solution you have selected, Laura or Thomas (the two responsible for customer service in Brazil) will take care of your file: Writing and sending of the letters, dunning letters, any procedures if need be…Sos-Internet deals with the formalities and ensures the efficiency of the procedures.

When the procedure is over, Sos-Internet certifies :

  • You are not more a paid subscriber
  • Your account is deleted
  • You shall never receive email from the dating site or their members.


If you may want to see the Sos-Internet offers, go to this page. You may want to contact Thomas and Laura, click here.