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on 10 September 2014 Dating websites with 12 comments

Sos Internet has already helped more than 1000 users since 2012!

Many of you contacted us, after our job was done, to express themselves about our work, our exchanges with the members of our teams. It helped us to improve ourselves and to give you always more satisfaction!

We thank you all for this 🙂

From now on, you can share your advices, remarks, comments and testimonies of Sos Internet in comment of this article!


  • rita
    on 19 March 2020 Reply

    I have been scammed $30 from this business i want a refund and subscription

  • I have been scammed of $40.00. The credit union tells me the company name is paynsihldngs. I triple checked the name. It is correct. I have been unable to locate this company anywhere on the internet. Please help to get a refund.
    on 25 October 2019 Reply

    Cuz I indicated above, this company ripped me off of $40. It was a total scam. I don’t have their website, their phone number or email address. Here is my contact information.
    Steve Edward Erhart
    E-mail: @ gmail.com
    Physical address:

  • Leroy Hebert Jr
    on 10 June 2018 Reply

    There steady taking money off my card as we speak. That site just to the tn-pay4tn.com cleaning my card off

  • Justin S. Fraser
    on 22 July 2017 Reply

    Tn-tnpaym.com I got 3-4 charges from them need all active memberships cancelled please cc 1870 and TN-BILL4TN.COMALSO SAME THING thank for whatever you can d o to help

  • Pamela Albonetti
    on 12 November 2015 Reply

    Thank you I would recommend you to my friends job well done

  • Chris
    on 1 July 2015 Reply

    I haven’t really been on this site much but I just got a fraud notification from someone on there. And they keep saying I’m going to go to jail unless I pay $100. I feel like this is fake but not sure

    • john
      on 6 July 2015

      Hi Chris,
      We are not related to any of those websites but we can help you unsubscribing them. You will just have to pick one of our services and we will help you.

  • joyce Keyes
    on 8 June 2015 Reply

    im paying you to get rid of something I don’t thinkl so communication problem here. Joyce Keyes

    • john
      on 9 June 2015

      Hi Joyce,
      What do you mean plz?

  • Paul
    on 3 February 2015 Reply

    Thats for the help it was very helpful

  • sonny
    on 26 November 2014 Reply

    Thank you guys for helping me get rid of the whole together networks’ withdrawals!

  • Philip
    on 22 October 2014 Reply

    I’m so glad you managed to do it that I keep on posting messages as greetings for what you have done! I’ll recommand you if I can!!
    Merci guys! 😉

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