Flirt dating websites: how to unsubscribe ?

You are now a member of a flirt dating website and you want to make one or more of the 3 steps below:

  •  Disable your account flirt dating websites
  •  Unsubscribe from flirt dating websites: delete your account and information attached to them
  •  End your paid subscription (terminate your subscription)


Sos Internet can bring you help. We help every day dozens of users to unsubscribe definitely dating sites, gaming sites, social networking…

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For this, and in the framework of the flirt dating websites, there are two methods. Choose the solution that suits you:

Ready-made $44,90

Once your order has been validated, we take care of the steps in your place : Writing and sending mail, faxes, contacting the websites you wish to unsubscribe from… We keep you informed by email of the individual stages of the procedure.

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V.I.P. $49,90

This formula works like the “Ready-Made” solution. But we process your order as first priority : Your file is placed on the “Ready-Made” files –(less than 4 hours on average. The orders submitted during weekend are processed on Monday morning).

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You are not comfortable with the Internet and the steps to unsubscribe? You can choose the “Turnkey” service beyond doubt ! We do all the steps for you.

In both cases, you will have the entire turnkey in order to delete your flirt dating website account! Any question? Send us a message via the contact form. A team member will respond as soon as possible!


Flirt dating website’s swindle : Are the flirt dating sites scams? hoax?

Sos Internet takes care of all the steps and method of termination and unsubscribtion. We are not capable and do not have any competence in judging the honesty and/or the efficiency of dating website.


They used the service to be unsubscribed to the site:

When I found my spouse, I wished to permanently delete my account and stop receiving mails from their part. Sos Internet took care of everything and sent me an email telling me that it was ok. No paperwork from my side, it suited me perfectly. “Michael R (5 / 5)

Efficient and discreet service.” Tony N (5 / 5)

The person that I had by mail was polite and very patient. I hope no longer have to use Sos Internet, but if I have to come back one day, I know that it will be in complete confidence. ” Patrick R (4 / 5)

Fast and professional. The prices are correct and they respond to emails quickly. I recommend this service.” Emily V (5 / 5)


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  • Deena Gough
    on 5 February 2022 Reply

    Stop all changes and make complete refunds to my account immediately!

  • Darren Scott Stewart
    on 26 December 2021 Reply

    I never authorised your service to take funds from my bank account. REFUND ALL MONEY IMMEDIATELY…

  • Zac
    on 20 October 2021 Reply

    Can you please unsubscribe me, I never authorised any such payment. And I demand a fucking refund immediately!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡

  • Bradley Perrin
    on 4 October 2021 Reply

    Can you stop sending me email please I don’t need getting email so please stop

  • Patty Savy
    on 28 August 2021 Reply

    I never signed up for this crap, so I would appreciate a refund.

    Thank you

  • Austin
    on 23 March 2021 Reply

    Cancel my shit y’all thieves constantly taking money just fuck off

  • Karl P Newman
    on 29 January 2021 Reply

    Not a very happy man want any of my information removed from any of your affiliated sites and my money returned immediately this was not authorised by myself the only name on my account so will be reporting this illegal transaction to the proper authorities

  • Cameron Jones
    on 16 December 2020 Reply

    I want my account removed and a refund as this was not me and has me very mad!!!!

  • Jeremy zmolrd
    on 12 December 2020 Reply

    Please undsucubebe me from all sits as they are all unauthorised thanks Jeremy

  • Niko Truhponen
    on 23 November 2020 Reply

    Unsubscribe me from all of you affiliated web sites.

  • Rebecca Davies
    on 18 September 2020 Reply


  • Garth Hogan
    on 20 August 2020 Reply

    Money has been taken from my account and I don’t have anything to do with the websites. I have no idea how you got my details and I would like you to refund my money or I will take this matter further. Please contact me ASAP

  • Dale Canada
    on 21 July 2020 Reply

    Please unsubscribe me from all dating sites immediately

  • Jason Dowling
    on 4 July 2020 Reply

    Unsubscribe me from all of you affiliated web sites

  • Colleen O’Rourke
    on 30 May 2020 Reply

    I send my credit money $$.$$ last April 21st. They never sent to my mail box the dog’s clippers last Apri thru May 31st. never get it.

  • Roe
    on 14 April 2020 Reply

    Keep sending this to my email I never subscribe get it off

  • Allan Crumpton
    on 3 April 2020 Reply

    Cancelle what ever site u say I subscribe to cause I havent subscribe to any. I want a refund of the money withdrawn from my account.

  • Allan Crumpton
    on 1 April 2020 Reply

    I never authorized subscription or payment. Unsubscribe what ever it is. And refund my money or my legal action will be taking. Against yall . 52.00

  • Lisa
    on 5 March 2020 Reply

    Please delete everything I do not want to get anything from this website anymore I forgot my password please and thank you

  • Lisa
    on 5 March 2020 Reply

    I do not want any more emails or the website or anything anymore please delete everything I forgot my password please and thank you

  • Elaine Kelly
    on 2 November 2019 Reply

    I don’t sign up for anything and $58 plus has been taken out of my account and I’m not happy,I’m a disabled pensioner and cannot afford this crap,please get me my money back as it’s half of my food money,very distressed,the above is the crap place that took it out,please help
    Respectfully Elaine

  • Horace
    on 2 August 2019 Reply

    Don’t have time stop billing

  • Graham Coombs
    on 5 January 2019 Reply

    Unsubscribed now all

  • Adrian
    on 15 October 2018 Reply

    Keep trying to cancel to avoid fees and it will not cancel my subscription

  • James Trussell
    on 29 July 2017 Reply

    Stop emailing me god what’s wrong with u people.

  • Harry
    on 27 July 2017 Reply

    Please unsubscribed delete my profile now from the dating side thank you.

  • Julie Bryant
    on 25 June 2017 Reply

    I want to delete my profile and please and thank you

  • Nathan Wenzler
    on 30 May 2017 Reply

    I want my profile removed and deleted.

  • Nathan Wenzler
    on 30 May 2017 Reply

    I want my account removed and deleted.

  • Frank La France
    on 19 May 2017 Reply

    Unsuscribe my account please & thank you

  • Ahmad khanfar
    on 25 February 2017 Reply


  • Juanes
    on 24 January 2017 Reply

    He sido estafado y puedo asegurar que timo, primero me renovaron la subscripcion automaticamente y aora no puedo borrarme, necesito ayuda

  • Alan
    on 1 June 2016 Reply

    I joined this sight & I tried looking at girls & couldn’t see their photos for some reason the website made the photos blurry & have to pay for premium membership & I tried unsubscribing & it says I need the classic format or a computer & I can’t get or find classic format & don’t have a computer & I tried emailing them but was a automatic response & tried 3 times.Thank you

    • john
      on 12 July 2016

      I’d like to be clear about the fact that we only help people unsubscribing any kind of websites, we are not related to any of them.
      If you need any help, you can choose one of our options by clicking here.
      Best regards,

  • Douglas Fraim
    on 8 July 2015 Reply

    I don’t know what web page is. I have tries to cancell, AND I WILL NOT PAY MONEY TO HAVE IT CANCELED! YOU DId NOT PAY ME TO GO ONE LINE AND i WILL NOT PAY TO HAVE IT CANCELED. Douglas Fraim.

    • john
      on 10 July 2015

      Hi Douglas,
      Please be assured that we do not have anything to do with other website. We really don’t charge anything unless we are asked to.
      I think you’re making a mistake regarding the website you’re angry at…
      If you need any help or advice, do not hesitate to ask us.

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