How to unsubscribe from a dating website ?

You are registered on a site of dates (dating / xdating website) and you wish to unsubscribe? Sos Internet provides you with its skills and knowledge. You think you are being a victim of a scam, a swindle, we help you to cancel your subscription and to eliminate your account.

logo opinion If, after reading our page, you have any question concerning the unsubscription, or you want some help to pay our services, please contact our team (click here).


  • You signed a trial offer which was automatically transformed into a golden, premium etc. and you started paying without knowing ?
  • You want to stop paying for this site and cancel every subscription ?
  • You receive newsletters and commercial e-mails on behalf of this same site and you want it to stop ?
  • You want to delete and eliminate your account totally and definitively ?


Sos Internet helps you yo unsubscribe these kinds of dating / xdating websites ! We can propose you TWO methods.

Choose the solution you want :

Ready-made $44,90

Once your order has been validated, we take care of the steps in your place : Writing and sending mail, faxes, contacting the websites you wish to unsubscribe from… We keep you informed by email of the individual stages of the procedure.

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V.I.P. $49,90

This formula works like the “Ready-Made” solution. But we process your order as first priority : Your file is placed on the “Ready-Made” files –(less than 4 hours on average. The orders submitted during weekend are processed on Monday morning).

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We manage the check-out process for you : mailing letters (writing, sending), online formalities…


We do all the formalities and your file is taken care of in first priority.


SoS Internet, it is easy, harmless and discreet!

  • No need to create an account
  • A single and secure payment (no bad surprise!)
  • A single contact on your file
  • Your satisfaction or money-back guarantee (for the Ready-Made and VIP services only)


Any question concerning the unsubscription to dating / xdating websites, sites of dates ? Any further information ? Contact us

Is this sites of dates a hoax ?

Sos Internet would not know how to emit some judgment as for the quality, the efficiency or the honesty of an Internet site, whatsoever. Our missions cover the various steps of cancellation and termination of websites. We do not make any tests or rankings of the concerned dating / xdating sites


Exemple of dating websites : Unsubscribe Affair Alert, unsubscribe from naughty websites, is Casual dating a hoax? Unsubscribe!, unsubscribe flirt dating sites


  • Luis Pelayo
    on 15 March 2023 Reply

    Unsubscribe, Deactivate & Permanently Remove all data associated with the above mentioned name, mail addresses and any other associated entities from all dating, chat, porn, sex, adult, 18+ accounts, websites, apps, and alike.

  • Pearson
    on 17 February 2022 Reply

    Please unsubscribe me now from all dating sites and I don’t want to receive any messages from you thank you

  • Fernando S
    on 8 August 2021 Reply

    the app stopped and doesn’t open, so send me link to unaubcribed from the app, please

  • Chris
    on 28 July 2021 Reply

    Please, I need to unsubscribe all the subscrbtion of this email address.

  • Jody
    on 27 June 2021 Reply

    Cancel all sex and porn web sites and dating sites

  • John Naismith
    on 20 March 2021 Reply

    Please unsubscribe me thankyou

  • Joshua
    on 8 December 2020 Reply

    I need to unsubscribe from all dating sites. It’s annoying to get these invites from people

  • Jabulani David Mnqubuka
    on 21 October 2020 Reply

    unsubscribe me

  • Teresa Miller
    on 8 July 2020 Reply

    I need to unsubscribe to a dating site help me!!!

  • Barrynorris
    on 14 March 2020 Reply

    How munch does it cost

  • John dozier
    on 22 November 2019 Reply

    Delete my free account, and stop sending me texts

  • Harry crandy
    on 12 December 2018 Reply

    I want to cancel my subscription for Victoria hearts dating service.

  • Noah Dlamini
    on 9 May 2018 Reply

    please unsubscribe me dating sites immediately am tired of these messages which influx my INBOX please with due respect. I am annoyed

  • Cris Fordham
    on 10 February 2018 Reply

    How do I cancel my service and unsubscribe to

  • Brandon Chamberlain
    on 25 December 2017 Reply

    Unsubscribe to all

  • James
    on 13 September 2017 Reply

    Please I stop too much message women lol.. I cant pick up women?? I stop that asiandates. Please unsubscribe to me stop now.

  • James
    on 13 September 2017 Reply

    Please I stop too much message women lol.. I cant pick up women?? I stop that asiandates

  • Klara dr Matyas
    on 19 May 2017 Reply

    I want to unsubscribe but you make it impossible. I’ve come across only fakes and scammers. I demand you to delete me, otherwise I start a legal procedure against you.
    Thanks for unsubscribing (deleting) me,
    Best regards,
    Klara dr Matyas

  • Florence
    on 20 February 2017 Reply

    I’m not working and can’t afford to pay for these sites, please unsubscribe me

  • Florence
    on 17 February 2017 Reply

    I don’t work I can’t send massages because I don’t have credits thank u

  • Sheldon Jarvis
    on 19 December 2016 Reply

    Want to unsubscribe from all dating site

    • fikile
      on 14 August 2017

      unsubscribe from all dating sites

  • Aidan
    on 29 October 2016 Reply

    I need help I can’t remember my password for outlook plz help me

    • Fitzroy Taffe
      on 15 August 2017

      Want to unsubscribe from this website

  • Hazza
    on 3 August 2016 Reply

    yuo send dateing here with my work

  • Harry
    on 3 August 2016 Reply

    kow do i unsubcrib

  • Willy eric
    on 18 November 2015 Reply

    please unsubscribe from that website.Am helpless now.

    • john
      on 19 November 2015

      Hi Willy,
      No, you are not, don’t worry You just have to choose one of our options by clicking here.
      Best regards,

  • pascal
    on 29 October 2015 Reply

    Hi , my name is pascal Niyomugabo I need help. I receive numerous messages from dating sites I am not interested in. please what if you help me from receiving messages from dating sites!

    • john
      on 29 October 2015

      Hi Pascal,
      Wich website are you refering to? We can help you blocking them. You just have to choose one of our services so we can sort it ASAP.
      Best regards,

  • Daniel Louis
    on 1 August 2015 Reply

    please i need help i am looking for a wife thanks. but i need u to unsubscribe to me thanks.

    • john
      on 3 August 2015

      What can we do for you exactly?

  • Jeff Frye Sr
    on 27 February 2015 Reply

    I am disabled and going through a divorce and Thaught I was only sighning up for a single online dateing service. I am not computer savvy at all I only have a smartphone. Please help me I am on a fixed income.

    • john
      on 3 March 2015

      Hi Jeff,

      We have nothing to do with them, we help people unregister from them.

      What website are you talking about?

      We can help you. Feel free to choose one of our services if you need any help.



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