Affairalert: how to unsubscribe and cancel account

Fed up with ? You think you have been a victim of a scam with Affair alert ? You wish to unsubscribe but you are not sure you master the process ?


GOOD NEWS : we  know the process to unsubscribe and delete your entire account on!

logo opinion If, after reading our page, you have any question concerning the unsubscription, or you want some help to pay our services, please contact our team (click here).

Where are you now in you Affair alert experience?

  • You have a free account, you already know that you will not test the “Premium” formula and you wish to delete and eliminate your account definitively?
  • You were unable to resist a trial offer but you do not wish to go beyond this period: you wish to unsubscribe before being committed and paying every month?
  • You have a “Premium” account and you wish to stop paying as quickly as possible, canceling your subscription and deleting your account and the information which you provided?


logo attention Please keep in mind: WE ARE NOT RELATED TO “AFFAIRALERT”, we are an independant company with no relations with any other website.


You are not convinced of, the dating website. You did not find what you were looking for there and you got the impression to have been swindled: delete your profile and erase definitively the information that you had put forward on your profile.
Sos Internet makes for you or helps you to make your unregistration with Affair alert.


Two possibilities offer for you:

  • You feel a little lost, and you are afraid you don’t master all the stages of the approach of unregistration with Affairalert: in this case, we propose you a “Ready-made” service. When your order is received, we contact you (by telephone or by e-mail, as you prefer) to have the mandatory information for the unregistration then we make the deletion of your account and information which are connected with it.
  • If you want us to take care of all the process the quickest as posible, we also propose you a VIP offer in order for us to take care of it all as soon as posible.


Note: You want to remain anonymous? It is completely possible! The only compulsory information for which we ask you is your e-mail address.

You have any question, a doubt? Contact us ! A member of the team Sos Internet will respond you as soon as posible to make a report of the situation with you.

Choose the solution you want :

Ready-made $44,90

Once your order has been validated, we take care of the steps in your place : Writing and sending mail, faxes, contacting the websites you wish to unsubscribe from… We keep you informed by email of the individual stages of the procedure.

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V.I.P. $49,90

This formula works like the “Ready-Made” solution. But we process your order as first priority : Your file is placed on the “Ready-Made” files –(less than 4 hours on average. The orders submitted during weekend are processed on Monday morning).

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You think you are being a victim of Affair Alert scam : what is it really ?

At Sos Internet, our profession consists in help the Internet users to, resiliate and cancel the subscriptions. Thus, we are not competent and justifiable to judge the quality of this site and whatever they can be.


All brands quoted on are the exclusive property of their owners.

The brands mentioned on are from Internet users’ description.

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  • Eric bates
    on 25 February 2018 Reply

    Please unsubscribe me from affair alert

  • Jrichard lantz
    on 15 February 2018 Reply

    Delete my account

  • Glen Williams
    on 29 May 2017 Reply

    Please delete my account

  • Jose Quinonez
    on 26 January 2017 Reply

    Hi, I’m in Ohio and my profile was set up like I live in Kansas and it won’t let me make changes

  • Tom
    on 15 January 2017 Reply

    I’m getting too many calls and I’m already taken thank you please take me off this site I would appreciate it

  • Russell E Dilbeck
    on 11 January 2017 Reply

    I have never pay this Affairalert but why this site keeps to come in my inbox or email. I am really not want this site. Please take this site off from my tablet.

  • nathan higgins
    on 11 November 2016 Reply

    please delete my account at once asap
    delete my entire account now please!

  • Mark Richards
    on 25 August 2016 Reply

    Hi i would like to cancel my membership please as of today the 26th August 2016. Thanks mark Richards

  • Jaime
    on 2 August 2016 Reply

    Can you please unsubsidized me from this website..thank you

  • Cory Marshbanks
    on 23 July 2016 Reply

    Please cancel my account. Thank you

  • Tajinder
    on 26 March 2016 Reply

    Please delete my account affair alert I don’t ant it

  • KellyHubick
    on 31 December 2015 Reply

    Cancel my subscription and stop chargeing and emailing me please. Thanks

  • Alex
    on 20 November 2015 Reply

    I do not want to be with this site anymore please take me off

  • darius
    on 31 October 2015 Reply

    is this fucking website serious?

  • donald davis
    on 2 October 2015 Reply

    I want to be unsubscribed from this site

  • Larry riley
    on 27 August 2015 Reply

    This site is bullshit.its supposed to be secure but I don’t think so I got in a world of shit because of this site.please unsubscribe me an get me off this scam bullshit site .never again.

    • john
      on 7 September 2015

      Hi Larry,
      Please, look at my previous answer.

  • Larry riley
    on 27 August 2015 Reply

    I do not wish to participate on this site please unsubscribe me please thank you

  • pauljohnson
    on 3 July 2015 Reply

    I would like to unsubscibe from affairs alert asap I have sent you 5 e mails so plz cancel my subscription as its not the site for me thanking you

  • Craig Pearson
    on 25 May 2015 Reply

    I want to unsubscribe from affair dating cus I don’t like it thanks

  • darren Leahy
    on 19 May 2015 Reply

    I do no want to subscribe to this site it is not what I taught it was and I find it inappropriate

  • marylin
    on 17 April 2015 Reply

    I want to close my account with affairdating as soon as possible please. Thank You & sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Kyle
    on 17 March 2015 Reply

    Don’t want to be here anymore

    • john
      on 18 March 2015

      Hi Kyle,
      What can we do to help?

  • jake
    on 15 March 2015 Reply

    I need to delte my account with affair alert do i do it

  • jake
    on 15 March 2015 Reply

    I need to unsubscribe there immediately

    on 11 March 2015 Reply

    I want to cancel my subscription please

  • Ron
    on 10 March 2015 Reply

    I don’t want this anymore I refuse to pay

  • Kain
    on 5 March 2015 Reply

    Please get me off of affair alert

  • jake
    on 6 February 2015 Reply

    please take my email off I am not interested

    • john
      on 16 February 2015


      We can help you through it but we are not related to any website other than Sos Internet.

      Please feel free to pass an order so we can help you.



  • jimmyshuler
    on 23 January 2015 Reply

    Shit is so fake unsubscribe, no more payment

    • john
      on 28 January 2015

      Hello Jimmy,
      What website are you talking about? We are not related to any other websites than sos internet.
      If you want further information, don’t hesitate to contact me directly :

  • Gary eaton
    on 16 January 2015 Reply

    I do not want to be with this site anymore please take me off

    • john
      on 21 January 2015

      Hi Gary,
      You’ll just have to pick the service you want, we do not know your information as we have nothing to do with them.

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