Identify and stop a direct debit


You noticed one or more takings on your statement of bank and you want to know from where it comes and how you can stop it. Here is the Sos Internet procedure.

logo opinion If, after reading our page, you have any question concerning the unsubscription, or you want some help to pay our services, please contact our team (click here).


Step 1/5 : look for the description among the list we propose below. If it is not in the list, send us a message with the contact form and we shall contact you.


(alphabetical order)

From A to C

  • 24-7 Help – cs
  • ABC-line com
  • Achatinfo com
  • Achat Internet – achatinternet fr net
  • Achatneo
  • Achatpel com
  • After g pay ld – aftergpayld com
  • Alcuda bill
  • Amor eg pd – amoregpd com
  • Amor n fees – amornfees com
  • Amor pd – amorpd com
  • Amour fee help – amourfeehelp com
  • Asist help – Asisthelp com
  • Bil net web – Bilnetweb com
  • Bill4tn
  • bn finance – bn-finance com
  • BN bill – bnbill com
  • Bn charge – bncharge info
  • Bn ty – bnty org – bnty me
  • Caerus AG dating – Caerus AG*DatingFactory
  • Card secure – cardesecure lu
  • CB VOD – cbvod fr
  • CB – Worldpay
  • ccbill com (greenolive)
  • ccmedia
  • cdnmb – cdn mb com
  • Cg billing – cgbilling com
  • Checkonnet com
  • Cisca Ltd – ciscaltd com
  • CNC Paiements – cncpaiements
  • CNF bill – cnfbill com
  • CNHRTS com
  • Conso VIP – consonvip
  • Conso Web – consoweb info
  • Conso-Internet – consointernet com
  • Cpd bill – cpdbill com
  • cpd business – cpdbusiness com
  • cpd cash info – cpdcashinfo com
  • cpd charge – cpdcharge com
  • cpd fee – cpdfee com
  • cpd fee help – cpdfeehelp org
  • cpd n bill – cpdnbill com
  • cpd net help – cpdnethelp com
  • Cs help tix – Cshelptix com
  • Cs link it – Cslinkit com

From D to L

  • DebitSafe
  • Dlx support – dlxsupport
  • Dept host – Depthost com
  • Distri net Work
  • Dnx pay – dnxpay com
  • easy pay cpd – easypaycpd com
  • easy pay web – easypayweb com
  • Ehelp bill – Ehelpbill com
  • Epoch
  • Eu pay com – 
  • Ezd bill – ezdbill com
  • Fast pay gate – fastpaygate com
  • Fee for cpd – feeforcpd com
  • Flirt bill – flirtbill info
  • Flirt pay – flirtpay net
  • Fl pay helper – flpayhelper com
  • Flirt helper – flirthelper com
  • Flrt – flrt org
  • Friends reun – friendsreun com
  • Format id – Formatid com
  • Gdff bill – Gdffbill info com
  • Gd ffr – gdffr com
  • Halt Servicenfo –
  • Halt Tnbillinfo Together Networks
  • Hipay
  • Hooya bill – hooyabill com
  • iabill (montpellier)
  • ICD*
  • Idyl web – Idylweb com
  • I offer pay – Iofferpay com
  • In-foline com
  • I shop goes – Ishopgoes com
  • Ivelia – iveliacom
  • I web pmts – Iwebpmts com
  • Kit pmt – Kitpmt com
  • Lagain bill – lagainbill com
  • Login x – login-x com
  • Lot pmt – Lotpmt com
  • Lvtfee – Lvtbill
  • Massinter Misbi
  • MBI-probiller com
  • Miss bill – misbill com
  • Mna-box com
  • Mon-achat-com
  • My-bill cc
  • Ne-info com
  • Net cash – netcash
  • Net eden info
  • Netprod Corp
  • Netshop Design Hendaye
  • New-clic com
  • NW bill – nwbill com

From P to Y

  • pay flirt – pay-flirt com
  • pay gdff – pay-gdff com
  • pay 4 tn – pay4tn com
  • pay bn – paybn com
  • pay cgp help – paycgphelp com
  • Paylbe
  • Payment cpd – paymentcpd com
  • Paysite-cash billing
  • Phoeniw web – PHOENIXWEB fr
  • Plsph – plsph com
  • PRFCTDN com
  • Probiller
  • Ps charge info – pschargeinfo com
  • R Multimédia – rmultimedia info
  • Sae-box com
  • Sae-pay com
  • Safe pay BN – safepaybn com
  • Secu CB – secucb com fr
  • Secure débit – securedebit fr
  • Secure pay bn – securepaybn com
  • Securité Totale – securitetotale com
  • Secu Tota – secutota com
  • Seg pay eu – segpayeu com
  • ServiceNFO – Servicenfo London GB – serviceinfo
  • Shnmbzy com
  • support cpd – support-cpd com
  • support aus – supportaus net
  • TN Bill – tnbillinfo
  • Tn fees – tnfees com
  • Tnwbill
  • trackctr
  • Tripplay
  • Together Network
  • Utel-pay com
  • Veo pay – veopay net
  • Vox-blue com
  • WB bill – wbbill com
  • Webpay365
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  • Web Assis – web-assis com
  • Web bill it – Webbillit com
  • Webbilling
  • WTS eticket – wtseticket
  • Wild cpd bill – wildcpdbill com
  • Yarra bill – yarrabill com
  • Yarra fee – yarrafee com
  • Yrgpe fee – yrgpefee com

 Step 2/5 : Sos Internet helps you to put an end to the debits. The latter are probably to a registration or an inscription on a site of meetings or clairvoyance : we can take care of the cancellation of the subscription at the origin of the takings.


Step 3/5 : You place an order on Sos Internet (« Ready Made » and « VIP » are detailed below on this page). During your order, we will ask you to indicate :

  • Your mail adress
  • The site you want to unsubscribe. You will be then asked to indicate the name of the title which appears on your statement of bank


Step 4/5 : After the reception of the payment of your order, we will contact you again by email to ask you further information which will allow us to stop the takings you did not want.


Step 5/5 : A member of the Sos Internet team takes care of the whole procedure on your behalf. We cancel the subscription at the origin of the takings. When the Sos Internet service is done, you will be contacted by your personal councillor to inform you when the takings are definitely canceled.

Choose the solution you want :

Ready-made $44,90

Once your order has been validated, we take care of the steps in your place : Writing and sending mail, faxes, contacting the websites you wish to unsubscribe from… We keep you informed by email of the individual stages of the procedure.

Buy now


V.I.P. $49,90

This formula works like the “Ready-Made” solution. But we process your order as first priority : Your file is placed on the “Ready-Made” files –(less than 4 hours on average. The orders submitted during weekend are processed on Monday morning).

Buy now


You think you are being a victim of a hoax/scam : what is it really ?

At Sos Internet, our profession consists in help the Internet users to, resiliate and cancel the subscriptions. Thus, we are not competent and justifiable to judge the quality of this site and whatever they can be.

All brands quoted on are the exclusive property of their owners. The brands mentioned on are from Internet users’ description.


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  • Donald Lascor
    on 25 January 2019 Reply

    Cancel my subscription and don’t take any more money from my account.

  • Aldo Angelini
    on 21 December 2018 Reply

    Per favore, io non trovo il sito dal quale vorrei cancellarmi – io non conosco l’inglese – per favore aiutatemi

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  • Tomasz
    on 7 October 2017 Reply

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  • Kenneth Adams
    on 19 September 2017 Reply

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  • Gora Pareshkumar
    on 20 July 2017 Reply

    Please stop take money from my account now

    • Wardell Ford
      on 8 March 2018

      Stop taking money from my account I want to cancel the subscription

    • Derek Nelson
      on 30 August 2018

      I want to cancel my subsription

  • Timothy Dichter
    on 8 March 2017 Reply

    I keep getting a $2 dollar charge on my debit card I signed up for a 3 day dating trial on a site and I unsubscribe before the 3 days were up and I’m still getting charged now plz stop these transactions

  • Aaron
    on 12 January 2017 Reply

    Can I please have some help to stop Cash coming out of my account and whatever subscriptions are thete cancel them

  • Aaron
    on 12 January 2017 Reply

    Money’s been taken from my account from TN-tnpaym.Co and I would like to get my money back unfortunately I don’t know why it’s come out of my bank but my flatmate has been using my details and my card to go onto dating sites this is the sixth one I’ve had to cancel in the past 2 days

  • Selwyn Shaw
    on 29 December 2016 Reply

    Hi are you able to unsubscribe from this website please?

  • Kiril
    on 24 November 2016 Reply

    I want to be unsubscribed as i no use this service please thanks

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  • cerny
    on 21 July 2016 Reply

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    on 14 March 2016 Reply

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  • jeremy fernandez
    on 11 February 2016 Reply

    Need to cancel subscription I’m being charged every day and it needs to stop

  • Komal preet
    on 30 January 2016 Reply

    I just did it once in $2.97 but now they deduct about $44.27 without any permission or notifications please help and stop autodebit thanks

  • kurt etheridge
    on 10 January 2016 Reply

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  • Brian Levi
    on 8 December 2015 Reply

    PLEASE unsubscribe me as i no longer want to use this service..

  • Brian Levi
    on 4 December 2015 Reply

    I want to be unsubscribed as i no use this service please thanks

    • john
      on 4 December 2015

      Hello Brian,
      Which website are you refering to? We are not related to any other websites, we help people unsubscribing them though.
      If you need any help, you can choose one of our options by clicking here.
      Best regards,

    • Brian levi
      on 8 December 2015

      Its the be naughty dating Web page/site

  • Bradley
    on 30 November 2015 Reply

    This is charging me every day. I need it removed now

  • CurisScott
    on 16 November 2015 Reply

    Customer service does not know the site name. Just what I put above.. Please CANCEL THIS!! They charge me every day/week for. $1:04.. I feel like sometimes I get charged $50. Cancel this please.. Would very much appreciate it

  • Kristina Beard
    on 22 October 2015 Reply

    I am being charged by bill4tn and have no idea what this is. Please help..

  • Rhy O’Neill
    on 5 October 2015 Reply

    Hi I’ve been charged through pay4tn for something that I no longer need if I could please have the direct debit stopped that would be much appreciated thanks

  • john howard
    on 24 June 2015 Reply

    my son has used my card and id to get on this site and I need all and every thing to do with this site cancelling asap

  • Billy Halll
    on 16 June 2015 Reply

    I do not have a web page. My bank account has been charged $78.00 from CBVOD.FR.

  • Roger landser
    on 15 June 2015 Reply

    They have taken money from my bank I would like any future payments stopped

  • jørgen friis
    on 1 June 2015 Reply

    I have paid 1200 dk. from 30-04 too 17-05 for somthing i never want , and from where have they my konto number from i want my Money back on my credit cart have i paid too this nuumber pay4tn oo80050500292 hope you can help me and sorry my English is not so good

  • Joe denton
    on 24 April 2015 Reply

    Unsubscribe me. I do not want in anything that costs I have a family to take care of

  • Robert S Hoffman
    on 14 April 2015 Reply

    I don’t know how you got my debit card number as I have never heard of your club and want my money back. Thank you for your attention.

    • john
      on 15 April 2015

      What club are you talking about?? We help people that have trouble unsubscribing websites, we do not charge anything for other websites.

  • p j kingi
    on 30 March 2015 Reply

    Hello i am trying to cancel subscription frm some online sites.but dnt knw how to go about it i also emailed one of them not sure which one but am still being charged and dnt knw how to get intouch with the otherz.they are:Pay4TN 0080050500292 INTERNET MT 1-800-031-6CY
    EXSBILLING.COM COSTA MESA US.would appreciate your reply


  • Mikael Olsson
    on 12 March 2015 Reply

    I have never wanted to be in your “club” so please take me off it and give me back my money you have taken from me.

    Your sincere

    Mikael Olsson

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